Website Design

It Starts with a website…

While the most important thing about your website is that it is found by your target audience, it is also very important that when it is found that it is designed in such a way that…


  • portrays a professional image of your company
  • is easily navigated
  • is clear and concise
  • has calls to action
  • is captivating and will keep the interest of the visitor

It’s important to know the average duration of time that a visitor will stay on your website and how many pages they surf. This will be an indication to you as to how well your website is designed.

So then when creating websites, this is what you can expect


  • Engaging content
  • Visually impressive – We use highly skilled Graphic Designers
  • Professional Programmers
  • Eye Catching design delivering your content clearly and concisely

Once this is achieved, don’t leave your Rolls Royce parked out of sight! Be seen! Get our SEOBoost!

Website Design £999 + VAT (VAT only if UK based) includes 12 months hosting and email hosting

e-commerce Website Design £1,499 + VAT includes 12 months hosting and email hosting

Hosting is £9 + VAT per month after the initual 12 months free

Everything Under One Roof…

Not only can we create and/or develop your website, we can host it too! Our excellence extends even to our website hosting service…

Hosting with is FAST…

Our servers are located in a secure data centre in Manchester in the UK, the servers use the latest hardware to make them lightning fast:


  • Fast SSD drives – Solid State Drives (SSD) allow for very fast access to information.
  • Quad Core Processors – For fast processing of applications and database queries.
  • Lots of RAM – For Fast web loading speeds
  • Big Bandwidth – 100MB connections allowing for fast web loading speeds.

With the latest in technology and security you can rest assured that your website is available 24/7 and Google will love the fact that your website loads so fast and its generally accepted that this has a positive impact on your SEO

So Fast Website = Happy Customers = Great SEO