Staffordshire Police

Prior to contacting, the Staffordshire Police had been using a type of bluetooth hardware for the past 18 months, but felt that they were not using the technology to it’s full potential and therefore not reaching a large enough audience. The Bluetooth Proximity Marketing appeals to the police as bluetooth is free, which keeps their spending to a minimum and the paperless advertising does not result in streets being lined with costly pamphlets and brochures.

Staffordshire Police wanted to utilise Bluetooth Marketing to communicate a wide variety of messages to the general public more effectively. They originally contacted us in September 2008, as they wanted to use the system at major events and shopping centres to send public safety messages. Warnings about keeping belongings safely locked away and out of sight were sent to shoppers at Stoke‐on‐Trent’s Potteries Shopping Centre. The system was also used to send the forces’ new non‐emergency phone number and wallpapers to mobile phones at Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium and city centre shoppers.

The Strategy

We advised that the “Bluetooth Broadcasters”, from TextBlue (A subsidiary company of, would be the most effective solution. We delivered an excellent service, by meeting with them and ensuring that the hardware and accompanying software were being used comfortably and without any complications. We assisted with campaigns, provided statistical reports and made 100% sure that every user understood how to utilise our technology to it’s full potential.

The Outcome

Following a successful trial, the force purchased 16 boxes to use across the county. Word spread quickly and the service is now being used by the Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Kent, Somerset and Metropolitan forces. Communications Manager David Bailey said: “The versatility of the system has enabled us to improve communication with the public and in some cases fight crime.”

“We use the Bluetooth broadcaster to enhance our work to engage with local communities. We have used it alongside other activities, like when we project messages and information on the side of buildings, or when we are using our mobile police station in the community. We often use the product to support our award winning ‘Operation Nemesis’ campaign which tackles the supply of drugs in the force. Thousands of people now have the Crimestoppers phone number 0800 111 555 stored in their mobile phones, thanks to Bluetooth. The reaction of the public is fantastic when we use the product and often people will approach our officers to talk about the message we have sent them.”

“We have some exciting new ideas on how we will use the broadcasters to inform communities about how we and the local council are working to tackle the issues that matter to them.”