Online Marketing

“In 2013, 36 million adults (73%) in Great Britain accessed the internet every day. 20 million more than in 2006, when directly comparable records began. In 2013, 72% of all adults bought goods or services online, up from 53% in 2013″.  –

Here are some individual components of the online marketing that we do…

On-site Web Optimization

On-site Optimisation is work that is carried out on your website by way of SEO such as on-site blogging, updating content, creating your site map, keywords and meta tags.

On-site Web Optimisation

Blogging/News Articles

Blogging is a crucial part of the SEO strategy both “on-site” & “off-site”. Blogging needs to be regular so that search engines can see new relevant content continuously. While an on-site blog is important, off-site with links back to your own website is a vital part of SEO and we can strategically write and place your keyword rich blogs to various relevant and high traffic websites linking back to your own. We can blog in English, American-English, Australian-English and most languages of the world.

News Articles are blogs. Some people call their articles blogs while others call them “News Articles” If the content of your articles are specifically your news then you would term them this. A blog may include news but could also be an opinion on a topic (related to what you do) or a “How To…..” article.  To commission a professionally writen News Article/Blog, click here

Keyword Analysis & Selection

We will work with a number of keywords depending on the size of package you are paying for. Our objective is to see to it that the most strategic keywords will in time rank at the top of the organic search results of the search engines. We start by asking you for your chosen keywords. We then assess the popularity and frequency of use of these keywords when people search for your type of product or service. After our assessment, we will either go with your chosen keywords or discuss with you altering them for a better success rate depending on our findings. Once we have selected the very best choice of keywords, we then go about our work to start seeing them climb the ranking ladder!

Site Map Verification & Set Up

A site map is a way to inform search engines of your pages on your website. A site map is important because while the search engines can rank your pages due to the links it finds when crawling, a site map can help search engines to find pages that may be otherwise missed. The problem is that if a mistake is made with the format of your site map, it could end up that the search engines will ignore it altogether. We can set up and submit your site map for you as part of our service.

Off-site Web Optimisation

Off-site Optimisation is where we strategically find other websites that are somewhat related and relevant to your own website and have high traffic. Once we select such places, we will submit content to them and most importantly place links back to your website. The simplest example of Off-site Optimisation is where a Social Media account is set up. This is excellent for SEO because these sites are so busy! You also have the added bonus with Social Media that it is also a way to conduct business.

Off-site Web Optimisation

Account on Garmin & Tom Tom

Garmin and Tom Tom are the biggest brands in Sat Navs. We will even help you to get found when a customer is offline, driving around in your area. If they search their Sat Nav for your type of business, you’ll be displayed on their screen.

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Create & Brand Your Social Media Accounts

We will set you up the following accounts (or take over any accounts you already have): Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram, Klout, we will link them all to your website, update them with statuses & fresh content daily, every few days or weekly depending on your package, engage with your customers, run competitions (if applicable), and make your pages go viral by growing your audience. We will also give you a monthly Social Media Report.  For pure Social Media Marketing, check out our SocialBoost package.  If you would like Social Media Marketing and a whole lot more then you have to see our MediaBoost package!

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Directory Submission

For the sake of SEO and also the added bonus of being found within the various online directories, we will submit your website to the following directories: Yell, Qype, Review Centre, Yelp, Touchlocal & Dmoz. This work is done within a few days of you becoming a client as is map submission, sat nav submission, site map submission & search engine registration. So immediately the work begins and your website/brand goes out.

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Google, Bing & Yahoo Maps Account

On the very first day of your service, we will put you on the map! This is imortant for SEO but not only that but if you work from a premesis then it means you will be found. Your customers will see where you are and not only that but can also get directions to you. More people use Google to find a business than anything else!

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More Internet Marketing…

More Internet Marketing

Email Marketing

Mediaheads can host and manage your email campaigns. With a single click of a mouse you can promote your business to multitudes of people in all sorts of creative ways. Not only that but our system will tell you all kinds of useful facts such as who has opened the email and when and who clicked on a link. This can be very useful when used in conjunction with a telemarketing campaign who to send a follow up email to perhaps with a second call to action with a greater incentive.  To Start an email campaign click here.

HTML Email Auto Reply

Impress people with the speed of your response. Auto responders are widely used and very handy. An auto response can be used for many purposes. For example, when you get an enquiry through your website, the enquirer can get an immediate response to acknowledge the receipt of the email and explaining that somebody will respond shortly. This shows excellent customer service. It could also be used to confirm and thank someone for a purchase they have made on your website. We are able to set up all your auto reply emails for you.

Monthly Newsletter & Newsletter Capture Form

A newsletter is a great way to get subscribers to your website. This means you can build a list to be used for email campaigns. The best part is that your list are people who have “opted in” so the quality of your campaigns are far better than if you had purchased your data. Not only that but the Newsletter itself will have a readership that will keep them reminded and informed about your business. You can write your own newsletter or we can design and write your newsletter for you.  This service is available with our MediaBoost Subscription or as a “stand alone” service, click here

Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports

Are you a Business to Business Business?

If your business is B2B, we have a wonderful treat for you! We can provide a software that will report to you what business has landed on your website, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page and tell you the business website, email and contact telephone number! Does that sound useful? Click here for more information.

Google Analytic Account

Google Analytic is very useful and is a must have for anyone who wants to track their websites performance. We set this up for our clients for this reason. It will enable you to track your web traffic from all referrers be it search engines, facebook, twitter, any other social network, direct visits or referring sites. It also displays your Pay-per-click advertising and email marketing.

We email our clients their monthly Google Analytics report along with all our monthly reporting.

Monthly Rank Tracking Reports

You are NOT left wondering and hoping that progress is being made. We will provide you with a Monthly Rank Tracking Report. This will show you exactly the progress of your keywords. You’ll see how many have searched them and what position they are ranked in among the major search engines. If you are wondering what past success we have had with SEO then check out our case studies.