Offline Marketing

Ways in which we can help you promote your business offline:

Be Found On The Sat Nav

Be Found On The Sat Nav

Account on Garmin & Tom Tom

Garmin and Tom Tom are the biggest brands in Sat Navs. We will even help you to get found when a customer is offline, driving around in your area. If they search their Sat Nav for your type of business, you’ll be displayed on their screen.  Click here to get set up!

Mobile Phone Marketing

Mobile Phone Marketing

All Your Stationary Needs

We do a printing service. We can also design before we print. Either send us something to print or allow us to design you a choice of ideas for graphics and design. Click here to see an example of our design work. Click here for details on prices.

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing enables you to send your advert like a digital leaflet to someone’s mobile phone via bluetooth as a JPEG or a GIF file. Bluetooth is free so it costs you nothing weather you get to send a few or a few thousand per day. All you pay for is the hardware itself and if applicable a monthly management fee. This is permission based marketing making it completely ethical. The hardware scans the airwaves for bluetooth enabled mobile phones within it’s proximity, once they are detected, a message appears on the recipients screen that says something like “Sid’s Carpet Cleaning wants to send you a bluetooth message, would you like to download?” Once the recipient presses “yes” the advert is sent. Click here for more information.

Digital Billboards

Advertising is a funny thing. Sometimes an advert isn’t intended to be consciously read however, when it is seen it has an effect upon the viewer on a subconscious level and will yield a result at a later time. So while it’s true that a driver will not write down the details of a company as he drives past a billboard, there must be good reason why big corporations slash out millions on this type of advertising world wide and it does bring them results. Click here for details of a very busy roadside digital billboard opportunity.


If offline printed media is an avenue you want to pursue, then our PRBoost package may suit you. As a Marketing Agency, we have many contacts with major (and minor) publications and are able to get privelidged discounts and bulk deal discounts that you maybe couldn’t get on your own. We have also the experience to know the good from the not so good. We can design and place your adverts for you. Hire us as your Advertising Managers. Click here for more information.

SMS Marketing

If you have captured mobile telephone numbers from your customers and/or prospects or plan to then SMS marketing can be extremely useful. There are many who don’t open their emails but who doesn’t read a text message? Everyone does! You can text multitudes with a single click of the mouse from a Short Code number (a unique to you 5 digit number). This is especially good if you have a mobile friendly website that you can link to in your text. In this day and age, not only does everyone have a mobile/cell phone but so many people have smartphones now with a generous Data allowance. Our SMS package is not only used for marketing but is also a great way to improve your customer service for example, appointment reminders. Click here for more information.  We could also build this service into our MediaBoost Package

SMS Text Auto Reply

For your prospects and/or customers, in addition to or instead of an auto email reply, you could sent an SMS text message to their phone using what is called a “Short Code” (a 5 digit number) . You can also set up an automatic response text to an incoming text. For more about this, click here or see MediaBoost