SEOBoost Starter


Product Description

SEOBoost Starter works with 3 keywords.  The objective is to see to it that your website will “climb the search engine ladder” with the 3 strategically chosen keywords.  The more time that passes and more work that is recognised by the search engines, the higher your website will rank. This will be an organic process using a mixture of on-site and off-site optimisation.  A breakdown of the work carried out will be clearly reported to you monthly along with each months website ranking report for the 3 keywords.  This is a 12 month agreement that can be cancelled any time with 30 days notice.  Depending on your type of business, the competition level, geographic target area, selected keywords and other factors, the length of time for noticeable success will vary which is why we like to take 12 months however it could be far quicker.  Within 48 hours of your purchase, we will contact you to gather the information we need to begin our work.