Mobile Website

Don’t Be Left Behind – Don’t lose 53% of potential traffic because you don’t have a mobile friendly website!


According to “Access to the internet using a mobile more than doubled between 2010 and 2013 from 24% to 53%”

The mobile phone or cell phone industry moves very fast. Nowadays a whopping 69% of people use their mobile phones for the internet! It’s not surprising when you consider that fact that many tariffs now include a generous Data allowance and with the vastly growing ownership of smartphones! So we need to be mindful of this and it would serve you well to have a mobile friendly website in addition to your website. This means that when mobile users go onto your website, the design of it fits their screen. Standard websites will not which also means your page will take a long time to load. So in summary, a mobile friendly website will be an adapted/condensed version of your main website.


  • Click2call
  • Social Media Integration
  • Auto Mobile Detect Feature
  • Android Compatible
  • Blackberry Compatible
  • iphone Compatible
  • Payment Integration
  • 12 Months Free Hosting

Mobile Website £499 + VAT

e-commerce Mobile Website £699 + VAT