Email Marketing

Do you have a campaign and an email list? can create your campaign in such a way that you’ll get optimum results. The difference in results between an email campaign created & managed by someone semi-skilled and someone who is specialist in this area is staggering! So much goes into the design to minimise the risk of the email going into a Spam folder. The subject line, the time of the email, the graphics and the way that the content is written is all very important to ensure maximum opened emails and clicks to your website.



  • Sales, leads, subscribers (whatever your objective is)
  • Reach ALL your list FAST
  • Get a campaign report on all the activity – Who opened & what they clicked
  • Use this information to your advantage for follow up

Brand New E-mail Template

The first step is for us to design you a template for your e-mail marketing campaigns, which incorporates your existing branding. In addition, we also write the content for the e-mail, ensuring the information is delivered in an easy-to-read format, which encourages recipients to click through to other pages on your website.

The cost of this is £75 + VAT (if VAT is applicable). This includes the design, writing the e-mail and coding the template.  Think of this like a “Set up Fee”

Thereafter, if you would like to change the content of the e-mail, but keep the same template, we can do this for you at a cost of £17.50 + VAT.

Sending A Campaign And Reporting On The Results

Once the template has been created, the next step is for us to send the campaign. This includes adding the template to our e-mail marketing software and importing the e-mail addresses.

Following the campaign, we will also send you statistics showing how many people opened the e-mail, how many times it was forwarded, any bounced e-mail addresses and the e-mail addresses of people who clicked any links within the e-mail (as they are likely to be the most interested in what the e-mail was promoting).

The cost of sending and reporting on an e-mail marketing campaign is £17.50 + VAT.  We don’t charge an amount per email sent. You can send and unlimited number of emails for £17.50

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Alternatively, if you are looking for something more than just email marketing alone then it would be more cost effective to have it built into our MediaBoost package