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Create Your own App for iphone or Android

Create and self-manage an App using our state-of-the-art development software branded with your company logo, ethos and design scheme! Only £29.99 per month!

List of features to choose from:

Information Page – To share information about your companies products or services.

Website Link – You can add links directly to your own mobile-friendly website or any web page.

News Feed – Add News or information directly to your site, using an RSS or similar Feed.

Video Feed – Add Videos to your App, can add videos directly from YouTube, your website or any other location; to give rich content to your app audience.

Events – Add Events to your App, to keep your audience up-to-date with what’s going on in your business; including upcoming events and announcements.

Audio Feed – Play important audio’s, such as a podcasts directly to your clients, through your app.

Photo Album – Keep your subscribers interested using images. A picture speaks a thousand words.

e-Book – If you have a lot to say on something in particular, create an ebook.

Twitter – Integrate your Twitter feed into your App, to let subscribers engage with you on Twitter, without needing to leave your App.
Facebook – Add Facebook to your App, so that users can read and comment on your wall in real-time.

Maps – Adding a map will allow subscribers to easily find you; with directions for Walking, Cycling or Driving. You can feature all your locations to help your customers find the nearest store quickly and easily.

Calendar – Show your subscribers what’s on, when and where by adding a Calendar to your App.

Tap to Call – Let customers call you in a click-of-a-button. This is great for customers needing to call a Taxi, book an appointment, arrange an MOT, make a restaurant reservation and more. Of course, whatever your business, you always want to make it easy to be contacted.

Tap to Email - With one button, customers can create you an e-mail.
e-commerce – Sell your products directly to your subscribers with your App, allow themto checkoutt and pay using Paypal.

Voucher – Add Vouchers and special offers easily to entice customers – new and old

Form – Subscribers can complete a form, within the App, that will send you information quickly and easily. Ideal for to taking orders, collecting feedback, holding competitions and for any other purpose. The forms will be e-mailed over to you as soon as it is submitted. A great lead generator.

Photo Capture – Allow users to capture information inside the app to report crimes, show works of art or just have some fun.

Instant Message Notifications – Send an instant message to all app subscribers; keeping them up-to-date or to answer queries. We include 5 monthly Instant Message Notifications as standard.

Geo-Fencing – This allows you to target subscribers, whenever they are close to your outlet or retail location. When the user is a specified distance from your location, they receive a notification. As with Instant Message Notifications, we include 5 geo-fencing notifications a month. You can bring new customers through your doors daily!


Get Started Now!

Step 1: Choose Your Features from the list above. We can discuss your requirements with you, in detail, to ensure we have all the content you need.

Step 2: App Design – We then spend time designing your app. We will either create your design from scratch or you will need to email us your design. When we are finished, we will e-mail it over to you, for approval, within 5 working days.

Step 3: Build the App – We build the App and will send you over a working demo of what it looks like and does.

Step 4: Submit your App – On acceptance of this demo, we will submit your app to the Android Market.

Step 5: Publish – This usually takes around 1 month in total from initial discussions to submissions. iPhone Apps take around 2 weeks to be approved.


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