Hamilton Musical and Hard-to-find Tickets

However, hidden in his ridiculousness are some logical questions: “What comes next?/You’ve been freed/Do you know how hard it is to lead?” As he concludes, they’re on their own. Of course, this somber conclusion is undercut by his flipping up his hands dismissively as he strides off. His third number “I Know Him” has the […]

A Mobile Phone Friendly Website WILL Make a Massive Difference

    There are many businesses that do not have a mobile phone friendly website. What exactly is a mobile website? Should you have one? A mobile compatible website is a website that is adapted to fit a mobile phone/tablet screen. There is a big difference between your desktop or laptop monitor and the screen […]

Mobile Apps Showdown

Your Mind will be blown away at the Mobile Apps Showdown! The BBC News reports of an APP that will actually park your car for you all by itself! You don’t even sit in the car! See how Google an Android are teaming up with car manufacturers – If that isn’t Sci-Fi enough for […]