Beeston Shenton

Beeston Shenton Solicitors needed help in steering more traffic to their website.

They wanted to direct people to them who searched for specific keywords relevant to the services they offered.

Naturally, they wanted to rank higher than their competitors in the Search Engine Results and they wanted this to be done organically.

When you hear the term “Organic Traffic”, it means traffic that comes naturally from search listings, rather than paid listings or other types of advertising.

So in short, it’s harvesting people who are looking for your type of business rather than you looking for them.

The Strategy

The strategy needed to achieve this is very time consuming and requires a lot of SEO knowledge, which changes regularly as Google update their algorithms. can take care of your internet needs so that you can go about business as usual.

We analysed their website and their marketplace thoroughly and identified 5 keywords which would bring them some high traffic, as well as target visitors. We then created an initial Keyword Ranking Report.

We then got to work optimising both onsite and offsite.

The Outcome

Within 6 months, we had 4 keywords ranking in the top 5 positions on Google and the other keyword on the first page.

Beeston Shenton Solicitors are thrilled with the results of the campaign and have certainly had a return on their investment. They would not have been able to achieve this without delegating the project to, as we are specialists with a proven track record in this field. Beeston Shenton Solicitors got more than what they paid for.

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