B2B Lead Generation

Increasing business opportunities

INSIGHTB2B is a must-have lead generation tool for B2B companies. It can help your business obtain highly targeted leads, by providing contact information for the companies browsing your website. If you have always wanted to know which businesses are looking on your website, Insight can help you gather this information.

A state-of-the-art B2B Lead Generation Tool, Insight can help you to identify not only which companies are browsing your website, but also the keywords they typed in to find it and how many pages they viewed.

What does INSIGHTB2B deliver?

At the end of each week, you will receive a detailed Insight report showing the following information:

Company name
Company address
Website url
The search engine and keyword they used to find your site
The number of pages they viewed

From this information, you can pinpoint exactly which services each business was interested in. You can call them or send them an e-mail to increase your chance of securing the sale. Insight, a B2B Lead Generation Tool that was developed in the UK, has already helped to increase conversion for many of our clients and could increase conversion of your website too.

A cost-effective option for any business!

Starter Package: £49+VAT pcm (includes up to 20 leads per month)
Intermediate Package: £99+VAT pcm (includes up to 50 leads per month)
Advanced Package: £199+VAT pcm (includes up to 250 leads per month)
Bespoke Package: POA (websites that receive a high amount of traffic)

To discuss your requirements further telephone xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Alternatively email: enquiries@mediaheads.co.uk

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