Adwords & PPC Campaign Management

boost.agencyoffer an ad campaign management service.

We have broken down Google Adwords account management into five areas, so you can select which of these you feel would be the most beneficial:

1.       Search Network Advertising

2.       Display Network Advertising

3.       Remarketing

4.       Google Adwords Mobile Ads

5.       YouTube Advertising

Search Network Advertising

Search Advertising allows you to advertise at the top or down the side of Google Search Results for the search terms you want to be found for. create the advertising messages, identify the most effective search terms to target (including thinking of negative search terms to exclude your advertisement from showing on irrelevant search terms), ensure the advertising messages only appear to people in a specific area (if requested).

Your Google Adwords account can be seperated into different campaigns, so you could have a campaign for each different product or service you offer. Each campaign can be targeted separately, have its own advertising messages, search terms to target and budget.

The cost to set-up 5 Search Advertising Campaigns, 10 Advertisements and 100 Keywords/Negative Keywords is £100 + VAT. There is also an ongoing monthly management cost of £65 + VAT per month, which is for us to optimise the advertisements based on performance, identify further search terms to target and to ensure the campaigns are performing in-line with expectations.

Display Network Advertising

Google offers websites, such as The Daily Mail, the chance to earn money by putting Google Adwords advertisements on their websites. There are currently millions of website, review sites and blogs on the internet that have opted to earn money by allowing Google Advertisers to advertise on there.

There are three types of advertising message available on the Google Display Network:

·         Image Ads

·         Text Ads

·         Video Ads

Image Ads:

The current dimensions for Image Ads are:

250 x 250px         200 x 200px

468 x 60px           728 x 90px

300 x 250px         336 x 280px

120 x 600px         160 x 600px

300 x 600px

The current pricing for setting-up Display Network Advertising is £30 + VAT, which includes us creating the campaigns, choosing the most effective search terms to target, ensuring your advertisements are being shown to your target audience and helping you to put an effective budget in place.

If you would like us to design 9 Image Ads per campaign, there would be a cost of £50 + VAT per campaign. Alternatively, if you have your own Image Ads you would like to use, we can add these to the campaign free of charge.

Text Ads:

We can use the same Text Ads as are found on the Search Network or, alternatively, could create separate Texts Ads for the Display Network. Should you like separate Text Ads creating, there would be a cost of £10 + VAT per campaign.
Video Ads:

If you have a YouTube video you would like to advertise on the Google Display Network, you can do so for a cost of £5 + VAT per campaign.


Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your website and show them relevant ads when they visit other websites on the Google Display Network. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you connect with these potential customers while they browse other websites. You can even show them a compelling message or offer that will encourage them to return to your website and complete a purchase. help you to start using Google Adwords remarketing by adding a small snippet of code onto all the pages of your website. We will then amend your website’s privacy policy, as it needs to include a statement about how visitor activity on your website is used to determine which Google Adwords appear on the Google Display Network.

Once your website has been set-up, we can create remarketing lists, so if you have a Google Adwords campaign that specifically targets people who are interested in ‘Service 1’, then when someone goes to they will see the advertisement associated specifically with ‘Service 1’ when they go onto other websites.

Google Adwords Mobile Ads

1 in 3 searches on Google are now conducted on a mobile phone, so using Google Adwords Mobile Ads is a great way of getting your advertisements to appear to these people.

One of the main reasons for developing a specific Mobile Marketing campaign on Google Adwords is because of the way people’s search behaviour changes when they are using a mobile phone.

For example, when a Stoke resident is searching for a local restaurant on Google using a PC/Laptop, they are likely to type in the search term ‘restaurant in stoke’. However, when using a mobile phone, they are more likely to type in ‘nearest restaurant’ as they assume the phone’s GPS will help to gauge where they currently are.

In addition, Google currently offer the following mobile extensions for Google Adwords advertisements, in order to help advertisers get better results when targeting mobile phone users:

1.       Click-to-Call – allows people to call you by pressing a button that appears on your advertisement

2.       Location Extensions – shows your business on a map at the top of relevant mobile search results

3.       Hyperlocal Ads – uses GPS to let people see how close they are to your business

4.       Sitelinks – directs users to specific pages of your website/mobile website

There is currently a cost of £90 + VAT for us to create 5 Google Mobile Optimised Campaigns, 10 Mobile Ads and 100 Mobile Friendly Keywords/Negative Keywords. In addition, there is a monthly cost of £50 + VAT for us to maintain your Google Mobile Ads, ensure the best keywords are constantly being targeted and help you to get the best ROI.

YouTube Advertising

Each day, 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube – the world’s second largest search engine. Therefore, getting your advertising message to appear on YouTube can drastically increase your brand awareness.

There are 4 types of Video Campaign we can create using Google Adwords that will allow you to advertise on, Google’s video sharing website, YouTube:

1.       In-search – The advertisement is shown at the top of relevant search results when people are looking for a relevant YouTube video.

2.       In-slate – A choice of several advertisements is shown before certain YouTube videos. The viewer has to choose which ad they want to watch before they can watch the YouTube video the selected.

3.       In-display – This shows the advertisement as a ‘Suggested Video’ on the right-hand side of YouTube, when someone is watching a relevant video.

4.       In-stream – Your advertisement is shown before a YouTube video.

There is currently a cost of £30 + VAT for us to set-up your YouTube Advertising campaigns and a £10 + VAT per month cost for us to manage the YouTube Advertising campaigns.

Finally, we will also send over to you a free monthly report, which details the number of times your advertisements have been shown, how many clicks to your website/views of your video this has generated, the total spend and average cost-per-click.

If you do not have a Google Adwords account set-up, we can currently offer you a £75 Google Adwords Voucher when you add £25 or more to your Google Adwords account.

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